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What we do
Testing your website across a wide range of devices can be a timely job, plus, we often find that those who are close to the project (ie: developers or project managers) can often miss things due to being too close to the project. We take the stress out of front end QA testing to make sure you're delivering a great product.
You can create something, but how usable is it, and how can the design be improved? We see your projects as first time users, allowing us to provide invaluable feedback to improve both the design and user experience - and our recommendations have helped improve the usability and design for stacks of websites, helping to drive revenue, increase retention, drive customer satisfaction and ease of use.
One of our former largest clients, Melodics, develops software in the musical teaching space. We have worked closely with them helping test across OSX and Windows. We help ensure that your software has been thoroughly functionally tested which helps to test both how normal users would use your software, but also testing edge cases so random interactions aren't causing your program to bug out or crash.
Functionally testing your app across devices such as iOS and Android can take time, and with so many different ways to interact with apps on a massive amount of devices, this can be a tedious task. We help test your app across a wide range of devices so you know your users are getting a great user experience.
The human attention span is very short, with many users only visiting a website for six to eight seconds. Amazon found that for every 100ms of latency, they lost 1% in sales, and Google found that for every 0.5 seconds in search page generation that traffic dropped by 20%. We work with you to increase your performance, using tools which help us see the bottlenecks with your site and help you improve them so you're not losing business through having a slow website.
Load testing is an important part of launching a website, which not many agencies or developers tend to do. Knowing how much traffic your website can take is important, allowing you to make server config changes, code changes and other changes to improve the load your website can take. We can test your website up to 100,000+ connections, or test a normal level of 1,000 every ten minutes for example.